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At Riverstone Dental, we make smiles happen. We do this by offering all of the services you and your family need to achieve smiles that are healthy, vibrant and confident. With two locations in Decatur and Bluffton, IN, we are able to help patients of all ages throughout the surrounding areas reach their dental goals. Our team is committed to using state-of-the-art technology for all of our services, to get the best results and create a more comfortable patient experience!

General Dentistry

Treatments designed to prevent dental and oral issues and to promote a healthy smile.

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Even if you are brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily, you may develop plaque or calculus (tartar) in areas of your smile that you cannot reach on your own. When left unaddressed, this plaque and tartar can lead to decay, gum disease, and other issues. That’s why it is so important for adults and children alike to visit the dentist at least twice a year for routine cleanings.

Our hygienists will remove buildup from your smile and will inspect the teeth and mouth for signs of cavities, periodontitis and oral cancer. We can also recommend tips on how to improve your at-home dental care so that you can have the healthiest smile possible.

Periodontal Care

Oral health isn’t just about your teeth. The gums and structures surrounding the teeth must also be addressed in order to prevent dental issues such as gum disease, which when left untreated can develop into periodontitis and tooth loss. Our team utilizes the Perio Protect® method to control bacteria and prevent infection of the gums. This method can be customized to your unique needs. We also perform scaling and root planing, a procedure in which we clean beneath the gumline to remove plaque and bacteria and then ensure the gums are securely adhered to the tooth roots to seal out further infection.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Services to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

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A misaligned bite not only affects the appearance of your smile, but it also leaves the smile more susceptible to decay, gum disease, and issues with chewing and speaking. We offer traditional braces and Invisalign® for our patients to help create a beautiful, functional smile. We will work with you to determine the option that is best for your unique needs.

Teeth Whitening

A lackluster smile can have many causes, including staining due to foods, drinks, and medications. We offer an at-home whitening treatment that includes a whitening gel and custom-created trays to fit your top and bottom teeth. Apply the gel-filled trays to the teeth for half an hour per day over the course of two to four weeks for the best results. Plus, you can reuse the trays in the future if your smile needs retouching. This treatment will whiten your teeth by several shades, creating a dazzling smile that simply can’t be achieved with over-the-counter treatments.


Want a straighter smile but without metal braces? With Invisalign®, it’s possible. Invisalign consists of a series of clear aligners, and each set is to be worn for two weeks before moving onto the next set. The aligners are custom-created for you using 3D imaging, to gradually move your teeth into the correct position. Invisalign® aligners are virtually invisible and can be removed for eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth, so no one will know you are wearing them! Treatment usually takes about nine to 15 months.

Restorative Dentistry

Treatments to restore the function and appearance of your smile after damage, decay or trauma occurs.

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Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth, dental implants are a permanent tooth-replacement option that offers security, stability, and an aesthetically appealing look that dentures and bridges just can’t achieve. An implant is a titanium post that is surgically inserted into the gums where the missing tooth used to be. Over the period of a few months, the post will fuse to the jaw bone. At this point, an abutment is attached to the post to create a base for the crown restoration. The dental implant will function as and look just like a real tooth, restoring your ability to chew, speak, and smile with ease. It will also prevent the decay, gum disease, and teeth shifting that are often the result of missing teeth.

A patient must have sufficient jaw bone to be a candidate for dental implants. We will work with you to determine if this is the best option for you.

Crowns & Bridges

At Riverstone Dental, we offer composite restorations that are custom-colored to blend in perfectly with your smile. Crowns are “caps” that are placed over an existing damaged tooth to provide strength, protection, and improved appearance.


A bridge is a device used to replace a missing tooth. Crowns are placed on the teeth on either side of the gap, and these crowns are connected to an abutment that is placed into the gap to improve the appearance and function of the smile.

Root Canals

A root canal is a procedure used to remove infection from a tooth when that infection has reached the nerve. During the procedure, we remove the infected pulp and disinfect the tooth to eliminate any remaining bacteria. Then, the tooth is sealed to prevent future damage.

Dentures & Partials

Dentures and partials can help restore your smile by offering a removable option for replacing missing teeth. Our team will take careful impressions of your smile to ensure your dentures or partials are comfortable and secure, so you can chew, speak, and smile with confidence.


An extraction is necessary when a tooth is broken or decayed beyond repair. We remove the tooth and its root, ensuring the procedure is as comfortable as possible for you. After the procedure, we can discuss your options for replacing the tooth, including a partial, bridge, or dental implant.

In the meantime, we perform socket preservation using a bone graft to fill in the socket, protecting it from infection and preventing other teeth from shifting around the gap in the smile.

Oral Sedation

As part of our mission to make dental care as comfortable and pleasant as possible for our patients, we use oral sedation. We recommend oral sedation for patients in good health who are nervous about receiving treatment. The sedation will allow you to relax during the procedure while we take care of your smile. We will work with you to determine if oral sedation is right for you.


Treatments to restore the function and appearance of your smile after damage, decay or trauma occurs.

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A brand that creates scaling products to more effectively, precisely, and comfortably remove plaque and calculus from the teeth.

Intraoral cameras

A brand that creates scaling products to more effectively, precisely, and comfortably remove plaque and calculus from the teeth.

Digital Radiographs

Expose patients to significantly reduced levels of radiation as compared to traditional x-rays. Also produce images much quicker.


Another brand that creates scalers designed to provide silent, comfortable cleanings and can also be used on the gums, crowns, implants, and other prosthetics.

3D Scanner
This technology eliminates the need to take uncomfortable impressions and allows us to take a digital image of your mouth.

For more information about our services, or to schedule an appointment, contact our Decatur office at 260-724-7032 or our Bluffton office at 260-824-4614. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile!

Jill G.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Sigler for many years now. The staff is always very friendly and professional to me and my children! A trip to the dentist can cause some anxiety for my kiddos, but Dr. Molly and her sweet staff always know how to ease their worries! Highly recommend Riverstone Dental!”



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